Manifest merger failed is another common issue on Android Studio. So if you are also getting this message and if you are still using older v7 or v4 support Libraries rather than the newer one Android X then you might have to migrate your project to AndroidX. That is the updated version of the Support Library.

Is this what you are getting too? Manifest merger failed!!

Actually, I was using the Firebase libraries in my Android Studio project. And that’s why I had that Manifest Merger Failed Issue. And by simply migrating the project to Android X, that issue had been fixed. So let’s see how should you fix this if you have the same issue, as shown in the above graphics.

Migrate to AndroidX

Now if you have Android Studio opened, follow these below steps in order to migration.

At first, go to the Reflector in the Menu bar as shown in the below graphics.

Migrate to androidx Step 01
Step 01: Refactor

Now simply choose Migrate to AndroidX.

Migrate to androidX
Step 02: Migrate to AndroidX

Now before pressing the Migrate button, make sure that “Backup project as Zip file” option is checked. So that if there is any issue occurred, we can easily revert to the older one. So it is important to have that checkbox is checked.

Step 03: Press the Migrate button

Finally, at the bottom left corner, you can see Do Refactor button, press that. So simple.

Step 04: Press Do Refactor

I hope that Manifest merger failed issue has now been fixed. And your project is now been migrated to AndroidX. So that’s it for today. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section. Thank you for reading this article. Bye! Bye!

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